Things You Need To Know When Choosing The Hunting Boots

It takes for granted that the boots are an indispensable accessory for the hunters. Instead of buying lots of cheap pairs, you should invest in a good quality pair of boots to ensure no quickly damaged boot, which is able to protect your feet. Similar to the best recurve bow, choosing to buy a pair of boots is actually hard work for the hunters, especially the beginners, it even becomes harder. In addition, the preservation of boots needs to be considered. This article will remedy all problems to keep your hunting boot shiny like new.

Storage Hunting Boot Properly

Which way do you usually store your boots? After removing them from the foot, then ignore them into a corner, or throw it on the floor rolling, or try to cram them into the dominant value of your order? Your bad treatment to the hunting boots may make them quickly damaged because of the scratching. Therefore, please keep your boots on the shelf properly and always take the careful look at them.

The Hygiene Of Hunting Boots

Boots cleaned regularly is essential, the regular cleaning will extend the life of your boots. If your boots are made of leather, you should polish them regularly cleaned. If your boots are suede boots, then you should invest yourself a clothing dust roller. Then, you just need to use it and roll off the surface roller of the boots. Or you can use adhesive tape to remove dust on boots several times to dust off on tape. Make sure your boots are clean.

How To Make Deodorizer For The Boots

There are three main elements of the boots, which create odors including the smell of boots, foot odor, the smell of socks.

-You should replace all boots after each hunting boot regular 1 time / day, do not cram all into the boots.

-The smell of feet is also a cause for boot odors or unpleasant smell, so you can soak the foot in fresh tea laced with a pinch of salt, then put them in warm water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice or the solution mixed with salt. It will bring very good results.

-There are many ways to remove odors from your boots like using a little small newspaper cut to put into the boots overnight, the coffee grounds or tea wrapped dried and put in the boots. In addition, sprinkle with 1 less soda flour into the boots and leave overnight, small dunes on boots also helps kill the bacteria that produce odors.

Use Reasonably

Use boots for the right purpose is also an effective way to preserve your boots. If g to hunting or hiking, do not wear heels, which will be inconvenient for you, and quickly broken boots.  Use boots under the right circumstances.

Above are some ways of odor deodorization. Regarding the stretching the boots in case that we are unable to try on the store. Please follow some tips below.

Often Wearing Boots Indoors

The easiest way to extend these boots is to go around the house. Maybe a little inconvenient but please wear boots when you’re sitting working computers, cooking, or simply lying lazily to watch TV. This will widen and increase the elasticity of the boots you are wearing.

Dedicated Spray

Most of boot stores, especially the shoemaker often use this method to extend the boots, which are packed quickly. You should combine this approach with the first way to stretch your boots faster. However, this approach can be inconvenient because of color fading of boots. So, remember read carefully the user manual before use..

Some small note when using this method is to use a spray bottle with 1/2 of alcohol and 1/2 water components to avoid damaging the hunting boots.


Depending on the size of the boots you want to loosen, slice the potato with 1-2 peelings. If you are tight on your toes, you leave potatoes with just the right size. And if you need to extend to the whole shoe, it will need more potato. Then, leave the potatoes overnight for boots to have enough time to stretch out as desired. Additionally, you can also use wet newspaper or oats instead.