The Best Tips For You When Go Camping

Along with the development of society, in busy life with much work, you feel stress and you are pressure in life. In addition, you want to relax. How to reduce stress in life? You can go picnic to take balance in life and refresh your life with travelling.

To go picnic, you must prepare many utensils. Food, clothes or a tent are necessary for you to bring along with you in each trip. But how to choose a good tent. In this article, we will introduce to you the way to choose the best 4 person tent and then you will have interesting times with your family, your friend in that trip.

When buying a tent, you should pay attention to some features and then buy it.

The Quantity Of People

Before buying, you must ask some question before buying. How many people in this trip? If you prepare for children, you need to pay attention to the size of that tent. A tent for four people is suitable for a family. If have many people, you can consider and then a big tent to serve for that trip. The size of tent play an important role. So you need to measure the quantity of people and then choose the best tent for your trip.


People still it “any of her money” not wrong at all, a tent with good wind and rain resistant, durable, used it for years, often expensive. Therefore, you should consider about buying one tent like? If your family is traveling frequently a quality tent will be used for longer. Conversely, if only occasionally do you go home, you can buy 1 tent less money and quality without too good but not too easily torn or damaged. Also, if traveling close to home and far away a long time, then you can also borrow a friend or rental.

Note, if you purchase a tent for the first time, reference should cost a few places, learn more about prices and quality on the site, or by consultants…


When choosing products, quality is what is most interested. Should choose 1 or 2 class? Aluminum or fiberglass frame? … Today, virtually all types of tents are made from water-resistant polyester. Tents have type 2 classes, class 1 class. Type 1 usually have cell breathable layer on top and covered with a thin layer of fabric to resist rain. Tents class 1 class 2 and 1 in the outer layer, the level of water resistance of the outer layer will be better in the class. In addition, 2 classes can be separated.

Currently, the conventional type of camping tent frame is made of aluminum or fiberglass, the 2 are good but capable Flexibility aluminum frame is considered lighter than fiberglass frame and thus the same 1 type of tent is the same, but one type of glass frame, it will be cheaper than the aluminum frame.

To decide whether to buy, you should be based on the terrain you will come. If your picnic where many hail, snow, wind, dust, select a seasoned with 2 layers, also places less wind or hot weather, the first thin layer 1 tent would be more appropriate. Alternatively, if you go several days that carrying so many things, the type of aluminum will be preferred due to its lightness. However, if you go short or not too much furniture a tent fiberglass frame will help you save even more.

Size And Weight

As stated above, Travel as you mentioned, you should be based on the number of users to choose a tent, should not choose a size too big, but not too young to choose 1 unit.

Usually, we need about 2.1m2 / people to sleep comfortably. Go camping, you can stay “tighter” with approximately 1.7m2 / person on a camping trip at the same time to consider the “high loudness” of each member to choose size. For example, you are high, you need a tent 1.7m length 1.9m minimum to be able to comfort and legroom for extra belongings.

In short, want to choose the right size, you need to check the number of users, calculate the required area of ​​use, at least each person also needs to 1.3 m2 of space.