Motorcycle racing is an interesting sport, which help you to relax and reduce stress from work. And to ensure your safety, the best motorcycle helmet is the essential accessory which help you to protect your head in case any trouble happen, in addition, the helmet can help you to concentrate on the road. In the current market, there are some of reputed manuacturers who not only can give you the best quality of the helmet but also provide the comfortable during the time you wear it. In this post, I want to share with you some of the most famous motorcycle helmet in the current market to help you narrow the field to choose the most suitable helmet for you. Enjoy it!

  1. Shoei premium helmets

This brand was found in Tokyo, Japan in 1959, they are the leading light for the field of Premium Built helmets in the market for decates and they also is the first manufacturer use the technology of carbon fiber in making the helmet from 1976, and this become very popular today especially in built helmet field. This brand is not have big factory, in fact, it is quite of small but their product quality  is the main factor which help them have a lot of loyal customers around the world. The best thing about this brand is that they provive til 5 warranty years to almost their products, and believe me, you will feel the best with their helmet because it really comfortable and stable to be used in any case.

Some of the most famous helmet products of this brand are the Shoei RF – 1200 large, Shoei Neotec modular helmet, shoe solid Qwest street bike motorcycle, etc. All of these products are recieved good feedback from customer and really, they are the best you can have now

  1. HJC helmets

This brand is the exclusive manufacturing helmets only in the market from 1971 and they are really get their suceed in this industry. They are the world wide brand and has token the first place of best motorcycle brand in the North American market from 1992. They are set their competitive advantages in some field such as comfortable, stable, fashion, affordable price and good quality, and well, they are all we need at a helmet. The products of HJC is in the range of medium or high end market, so in fact, you hardly to find a cheap one of this brand, but price always along side with the quality, isn’t it? One HJC helmet has been through the test of aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, etc. in the manufacturer’s testing aboratory before get into the market so you will not need to worry about the quality of the products. HJC is not want to stop at the current point, they are keep finding, searching, and developing their technology for the better quality.

Some popular and best solve helmets of this brand are: HJC solid men’s CL-17, HJC solid CS-2N half shell motorcycle helmet, etc.

  1. Bell helmet

Staff of bell helmet are the experts in the field what they are doing, they are the innovator of the full face helmet in the market. The products of this brand are welcomed not only because of its style design but also great quality. You can find different design of the helmet in Bell store with full face, half, ¾, and other kind of helmet. The competitive advantage of the Bell helmet is the convenient of light weight, airy with the ventilation system design and the quick release shield function of the helmat really make the product of Bell become popular in the global market. The most famouse product of this brand is the Rough Bell helmet, it is the best selling product in the line of half helmet.

  1. Arai helmet

This is the second Japanese brand in this list, which is started in 1926. The thing that make the helmet of Arai is all of them are handmade product. It is not mean that the quality of the helmet is affected, in fact, after each step of production, separately. There are 3 times of quality test, first is when the shell is formed, secondly is when the helmet is painted, and the last one is after assembly its parts.